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Hello thar=D
Current Residence: In the country...
deviantWEAR sizing preference: M
MP3 player of choice: iPod(so original*haha*)
Personal Quote: Gib mir schnell den Anti-Hai-Batspray!

Questionaire of Dumm

Journal Entry: Thu Sep 1, 2011, 11:50 AM

200. My middle name is: I don't like it so I won't tell=P
199. I was born on:....
198. I am really: tired right now
197. My mobile phone company is: Apple
196. My eye color is: blue
195. My shoe size is: 39
194. My ring size is: good questionO.o
193. My height is: 166cm
192. I am allergic to: nothing
191. I was born in: Germany
190. I live in: Germany
189. The last book I read: The pillars of the earth
188. My bed is: the best working place. Who needs a desk anyways?
187: One thing you hate about yourself: my weight=P
186. My favorite childhood memory: I had quite a great childhood so I had a few=)
185. My first pet's name was: Stuart
184. My Favorite color: purple, pink, blue
183. Hair Length: to da bottom>=)
182. Speaking of hair, is it your natural color: yup
181. Weapon of choice: my singing voice
180. Hobbies: drawing(art in general), music(addicted to J-Rock right now), the actual Japanese culture, reading, driving my carXD
179. My favorite Holiday is: Christmas I'd say… cause of the snow
177. The last song I downloaded: Over the hills and far away by Nightwish
175. Are you taken or single: single
174. If you're taken, by whom: ffffffffffuuuuuuu.....
173. Do you like being single: I think so... I'm getting annoyed way to easily by other people=P
172. Favorite flower: da lily
171. MP3 Player: iPod classic
170. What did you do last night: sleeping?O.o
169. What did you do this morning: woke up and then stayed in bed for hours>=)
168. Animal I like the most: Gerbils! I love love love them<3
167. Animal I dislike the most: pfff... spiders?
166. Operating System: da Apple system.
165. Collections: WallscrollsQ___Q
164. Biggest Pet Peeve: ...
163. Gaming Platform of Choice: PS and PS2
162. Three things you'd take to a deserted island: food, my iPod and Wilson=D

:: I Like/Dislike ::

161. Coffee: with milk and sugar, yeah!
160. Anime: yup, they've grown onto meQ__Q
159. Reading: hell yeah!
158. Flowers: I like them on meadows=)
156. Snow: hell yeah again! I'm not a summer person...
155. Driving: love it! When I'm entering a car I suddenly transform to a guy!XD
154. Sports: ahahaha...ha......ha........No!
153. Television: Not really, no...
152. Star Trek: I don't know... not really I guess...
151. Smoking: no. I'm totally cool about people smoking but I just never got into itXD
150. Fast Food: surprisingly no=P
149. Candy: yup
148. Puppies: aaaaaawwww! yes!=)
147. Rain: me loves rain!
146. Rollercoaster's/Thrill Rides: yup
145. Sushi: oh yes!
144. Name Brands: ahaha....hmmm... I like Esprit...
143. Hiking/Camping: no...

:: I Do/Do not Believe In ::

142. Love at First Sight: no...
141. Luck: yup
140. Fate: sort of
139. Yourself: sometimes...
138. Aliens: sure! Haven't you seen Avatar!XD No seriously... I'm pretty positive that there are other lifeforms.
137. Heaven: nope
136. Hell: nope
135. Ghosts: well... I'm really not sure about paranormal activities=P
134. Horoscopes: nope
133. Soul mates: pfff... would be cool, eh?
132. Chupacabra: I'm stupid... What is that?
131. Brushing my Teeth Daily: YES!
130. SATAN: nope

:: Which is Better ::

129. Hugs or Kisses: hugs from mommyXD
128. Drunk or High: I'm done with both=P
127. Phone or Online: online
126. Red heads or Black hair: Red heads!=)
125. Blondes or Brunettes: Brunettes(since I am one of themXD)
124. Hot or Cold: cold!
123. Summer or Winter: Winter
121. Chocolate or Vanilla: both!>=)
120. Night or Day: day
119. Oranges or Apples: apples
118. Curly or Straight hair: straight(once again: just because mine's is straight^^°)
117. Coke or Pepsi: Coke

:: Here's What I Think About ::

116. Abortion: it's the individuals decision!
115. Backstabbers: hmmmm... I guess I shouldn't like them, eh?
114. Parents: I love my parents even though they are difficult=P
113. Movies: yeah... They are good to kill boredom...
112. Music: I'm always plugged to my iPod...(can music be an addiction?)
111. Religion: I am so tired about that discussion... I mean seriously, so many people are dying, because they are fighting about something that with a high possibility doesn't even excist...
110. Politics: just look at the politicians... So many idiots...
109. The Death Penalty: Personally I'm against it...
108. Gay Marriage: absolutely! I mean why not? I'm gonna quote Wanda Sykes: If you are against gay marriage than you shouldn't marry someone of the same sex...

:: Last time I ::

107. Rode a Motorcycle: never^^°
106. Went Shopping: last week. My mp3 player died of overusage...
105. Listened to your favorite song: I'm doing it right now=)
104. Snuggled a stuffed animal: I have some but they are basically decoration...
103. Went out of town: today...
102. Had food: five minutes agoXD
101. Seen someone I haven't seen in a while: I can't remember=P
100. Cried in front of someone: uff... that was years ago...
99. Grew: I don't know
98. Was stung by a bee: at least fifteen years ago=D
97. Went to the beach: at least five years agoQ___Q
96. Had a bloody nose: at the age of 10 I guess...
95. Had Japanese food: yesterday
94. Saw a silent film: never
93. Flipped a coin to determine a decision: never
92. Took a camping trip: two years ago if open air festivals count?
91. Wrote (by HAND) in a Journal: never ever...

:: MISC ::

90. Who is the dizziest person you know: good question=)
89. Who makes you laugh the most: my best friend=)
88. What does the acronym NRA mean to you?: ???
87. The last movie I watched: The Thing>=)
86. Favorite Foods: too manyQ___Q
85. Tools of the Trade: the almighty pencil! oh, and paper...
84. Favorite style of Art: i can`t choose...
83. Super Power of Choice: flying! hell yeah!
82. Would you rather have the ability to fly or power of invisibility: well...flying=)
81. What I understand is: that I'm going to fail all my life...
80. The most unsatisfactory answer I've ever received is: no sorry, we're out of chocolate...
79. Something I will miss when I leave home is: my nice quiet room...
78. The thing that I'm looking forward to the most today: drawing sh*t
77. The thing that I'm not looking forward to is: my own death...
76. Tomorrow: it's Friday Friday Friday uuuhhh....
75. Today: is Thursday
74. Next Summer: will be next year=P
73. Next Week: is gonna be awfulO.o
72. 5 years from now: I'm hopefully still aliveXD
71. Ever been Rick rolled: hä?!
70. If yes, tell us about the first time it happened: buhuuu! what the heck is that?
69. Beef or Chicken: pork>=)
68. WITHOUT looking it up (Urban Dictionary/Google/etc), can you tell the class what a jigaboo is: erm.... NO!
67. People call me: strange. Dammit...
66. The person who knows the most about me: I keep my secrets>=)
65. Do you like to bird watch: nope
64. Have you ever tried Unagi: yup
62. Favorite Music Genre: I like J-Rock a lot. But I'm also into Indie and even MetalXD
61. Ever been bungee jumping/sky diving: nope, but I want to
60. The most difficult thing to do is: keep moving in life...
59. I have gotten a speeding ticket: nope
58. I have contracted an STD: nope
57. My astrological sign is: pisces
56. My Chinese zodiac: horse
55. The first person I talked to today was: my daddy...
54. First time you had a crush: I can't remember... Gosh, I'm so unfaithfulXD
53. The one person who can't hide things from me: idk
52. Last time someone said something that you were thinking: my mother. She's in my head!D=
51. Right now I'm talking to: my imaginary friend=P
50. What is your dream job: unfortunately I have no earthly clue...
49. First job: AuPairXD
48. I have a job at: i don't have one right now and it suuuuucksQ^Q
47. I have these pets: I used to have rats but they passed away...
45. The worst sound in the world: snoring. How I hate that>=C
44. The person that makes me cry the most is: myself. I'm such a loserXD
43. Writer/Poet you admire most: there are quite a few.
42. Favorite Poem: also, too many.
41. Pick 4 most memorable books you've read: The pillars of the earth, Kafka on the shore, Hardboiled Wonderland and Treasure Island
40. 5 things within reach: my cellphone, a pencil, cup of coffee, my laptop and some candy=P
39. Do you read while on the toilet: no-__-
38. If so, what is your reading material of choice:....
37. favorite number: idk
36. least favorite number: idk
35. Florida or Hawaii: Hawaii
34. What video games do you like to play: Obscure>=) and of course PokèmonXD
33. My favorite piece of clothing is: Longshirts!
32. My favorite sport is: being a Ninja! Ok ok that's not a sport=P
31. Last time I cried: i can't remember
30. My friends are: awesome!
29. My computer is: an important connection to the outside world=D
28. The school I go to is: not my school anymore=)
27. Last person I got mad at: too many>=C

:: Type your username with your :: (AND NO CHEATING BY USING THE BACKSPACE)

26. NOSE: nope
25. ELBOW: nope
24. EYES CLOSED: nope

:: MISC Cont. ::

22. The all-time best movie is: I have no idea...
21. The all-time best thing in the world is: music
19. Most overrated TV series: all those f*cking Sitcoms>=C
18. The most annoying person you know is: ahahaha....there are, once again, too many...
17. I lose respect for people who: are just self centered
16. The movies I have cried at are: Forest GumpQ^Q
15. Closest friends: only one good friend there is>=D
14. Favorite website: DA=D
13. Song currently stuck in your head: Still fly- The Devil wears Prada
12. And tonight, I am going to be: tired
11. The worst pain ever was:....
10. My favorite words are: le f*ck
9. My room is: white and black
8. My favorite male celebrity is: idk
7. My Favorite female celebrity is: idk
6. My strength is: acting happy when I'm not=P
5. My weakness is: losing interest too fast...
4. What I like about the opposite sex is: not much actually>=C I'm hopeless...
3. Who broke your heart: nobody will ever manage to do that>=C
2. INSERT RANDOM COMMENT: Lass mich in Ruhe habe ich Dir gesagt!
1. You filled out 2 questions because: actually it were 200 not 2=P

  • Mood: Nervous
  • Listening to: Ayumi Hamasaki
  • Eating: German gingerbread=D
  • Drinking: Coffee

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